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NFPA Labels

NFPA Labels and NFPA Diamond Labels (NFPA 704) are a great way to ensure that first-responders understand any potential risks of chemical hazards at hand. NFPA Labels and NFPA Diamonds are used by the National Fire Protection Association to ensure the quick identification of fire hazards caused by chemicals so that any potential emergency situation can be resolved as quickly and as safely as possible.

The NFPA Diamond is actually another term for NFPA Standard 704 which gives ample criteria for analyzing hazards, flammability, and health risks that may be presented by exposure to materials during emergencies such as fires. NFPA 704 uses a rating system to easily express the types of hazards present and the level of danger the present. Accuform can provide various suitable options for NFPA Labels and NFPA Diamonds to help others stay safe and well-informed.

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